People are Our Priority

At Dollar Tree, Inc., we believe everything starts with people. From our associates to our leaders to the communities we serve, how we treat people matters most. We believe in implementing policies and partnering with organizations and vendors that ensure equitable and ethical treatment and support of all people.

Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Executive Council

Our newly established Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Executive Council allows our senior managers to advocate for strategies that promote and embrace diversity, ensure fair treatment, and enable everyone to feel welcome and have equal access to opportunities and resources. Our DEI Executive Council works to build and maintain an inclusive environment through our Allyship Guide and representing employee resource groups.

Everything Begins With Our People

We want each member of the Dollar Tree, Inc. team to feel uplifted, supported, and welcomed. In an effort to support our team, we continue to invest into our employees with ongoing education and employee benefits and resources. We're proud to offer competitive pay, comprehensive benefits, and ongoing education programs for our employees.

Creating an Inclusive Culture

Diversity makes us a better organization. Having a diverse team allows us to better connect with each other, our customers, and our community. That's why our goal is to create and support a diverse and inclusive workforce for our individual differences are understood, respected, and appreciated.


Having a diverse organization begins with attracting diverse talent. We'll continue to attract and retain talented individuals with standardized recruiting, interviewing, and hiring processes.


Happier and fulfilled associates are more likely to remain and grow with the team. We're increasing our attention to retention strategies for our associates.

Advancement & Promotion

We want our team members to advance their careers with Dollar Tree, Inc. We're making more opportunities for advancement and professional development available.


Feedback from our team members allows us to improve our organization. We conduct an annual Associate Satisfaction Survey to ensure we're meeting the needs of our associates

We Can Make a Positive Impact

With over 16,000 stores and 28 distribution centers across North America, we have the ability to impact thousands of communities. Dollar Tree and Family Dollar stores are frequently located in underserved communities. We are proud to offer essential and healthy products for affordable prices in clean, safe, and friendly shopping environments.

Investing in Our Communities

Dollar Tree is proud to contribute to a diverse group of local, national, and global organizations. In 2020, Dollar Tree, Inc. and its associates contributed a total of $2.7 million to three main charitable partners: Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Operation Homefront, and United Way of South Hampton Roads. We are also proud to partner with Historically Black Colleges and Universities to provide scholarships and opportunities for their students.

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Our Additional Social Policies

As we prioritize human rights, we've implemented a number of policies to ensure our team is treated well and the labor that goes into the products we sell is ethical.