Supplies and Services

Our goal is to secure the highest quality goods at competitive prices from our non-merchandise vendors and suppliers.

Securing High-Quality Goods
at Competitive Prices

We are constantly looking to expand our selection of procurement providers by establishing new partnerships through our growing Ariba Supplier Network (all non-merchandise vendors that work with Dollar Tree, Inc. are required to participate in the network). This resource center is dedicated to helping current and future procurement suppliers communicate with us effectively. Here you will find our Strategic Sourcing guidelines, links for creating and maintaining a supplier profile, the Ariba Training Center, and other important information and documents our non-merchandise vendors may need.

Note: Merchandise vendors provide Dollar Tree products for resale. Non-merchandise vendors provide all other direct items like supplies, equipment, etc.

How to Become a Supplier

Our goal is to maintain successful, mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers, and this can only be done if our suppliers have certain qualifications based on both goods and services. Such qualifications include:

  • Financial stability
  • Ability to provide high-quality, cost-competitive goods
  • Proven success in the marketplace
  • Understanding of Dollar Tree’s mission and business practices

Other qualifications may apply based on goods and services as determined by Dollar Tree, Inc.

We use Ariba® Sourcing™ for many sourcing and information projects. To improve our ability to research suppliers for opportunities, we are utilizing the supplier database within our Ariba site as our primary resource for identifying suppliers for opportunities. The site will also serve as the repository to maintain required documentation such as Nondisclosure Agreements and Insurance Certifications. It's the supplier’s responsibility to maintain this data and keep your profile and documentation current. Expired or inaccurate data could preclude the ability of a supplier to participate in an event.

You may update your profile any time you are logged into the system by clicking “Preferences” and then “Update My Profile." When finished making changes to your profile, click “OK” and then “Done."

Please Note: Suppliers that ship directly to Dollar Tree or Family Dollar Distribution Centers or work directly with the Dollar Tree/Family Dollar Expense department must continue to maintain updated information with the Expense department via your direct contact. For suppliers working with the Dollar Tree or Family Dollar Merchandising groups, this profile does not supersede or replace any requirements from the Merchandising unit and you must continue to maintain your records with your direct contact (example: insurance certification).

Dollar Tree, Inc. Procure to Pay (P2P)

Our vision is to make the procurement-to-pay process as paperless as possible. We use Ariba’s Spend Management Solution Procure-to-Pay (P2P) as the technology platform to enable these processes. All suppliers, except ones that ship directly to our distribution centers, are required to use the Ariba Network (AN). The Ariba Network is used by Dollar Tree and Family Dollar to send purchase orders and to receive invoices from suppliers. A few of the benefits that suppliers see are:

  • Higher control over order processing
  • Ability for all suppliers to create electronic invoices
  • Better communication and visibility with Dollar Tree/Family Dollar
  • Quicker invoice-to-pay process
  • Greater standardization
  • Low-cost trading network
  • Opportunities to take part in greater discount management & sourcing programs

Visit the Ariba Training Center

Here you will find the training materials and information you need to electronically transact business with our organization.

Supplier Document Quick Links

Below you will find quick links to the forms you will need in order to become a supplier and transact business with our organization.

Request for 1099 Form

Terms and Conditions

This document outlines the general terms and conditions for doing business with Dollar Tree, Inc.

Labeling Guidelines & Templates

View Labeling Guidelines (PDF 1.17MB)

The Label Templates document outlines the vendor supply item label requirements for new stores, remodel stores, and special projects.

Nondisclosure Agreement

This document outlines confidential material, knowledge, and information and must be signed by every supplier prior to doing business with Dollar Tree, Inc.

Code of Ethics

Learn more about Dollar Tree, Inc.'s expectations from both our associates and our vendor community. We strongly abide by these codes and continue to build naturally rewarding relationships with both new and existing vendors.

Early Payment Program: Get Paid Your Way

Our vendors and suppliers can participate in our Early Payment Program which accelerates cash flow, reduces Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), and allows you to have complete user control to turn off the early payment offer whenever you want. There are two available programs:

  • Standing Early Payment Term that offers an "always on" prorated discount.
  • Dynamic Early Payment Term that allows you to select which invoices will have an early payment discount applied.
Learn More About Our Early Payment Program

Supplier Resources

Visit our vendor and supplier resources to view our policies, guidelines, and requirements for doing business with Dollar Tree, Inc., such as our Code of Vendor Conduct, Code of Ethics, Required Classifying of Chemical-Based Products, and more.