Welcome Vendors, Suppliers & Real Estate Partners

Our Vendor & Real Estate Partners Center

Whether providing exciting merchandise for our customers, supplying quality fixtures and goods for our stores, moving products to our Distribution Centers, or securing the perfect locations for our retail stores, Dollar Tree and Family Dollar rely on strong vendor and real estate partnerships to ensure our success. We believe in building mutually beneficial relationships with all of our vendors, both current and future, based on a solid foundation of honesty and trust.

Our Vendor Partners Center is designed as a means for Dollar Tree and Family Dollar to share information with our vendors and provide portals and quick links to our Ariba Network, PowerTMS, Early Payment Program, and more. Please click on the section below that pertains to your business for specific information and resources. 

Note: Merchandise vendors provide Dollar Tree products for resale. Non-merchandise vendors provide all other direct items like supplies, equipment, etc.

Merchandise Vendors

We are continually seeking new and different products that will help us encourage our exciting shopping experiences while offering our customers quality, extreme value, and variety.

Supplies and Services

Our goal is to secure the highest quality goods at competitive prices. We are constantly looking to expand our selection of non-merchandise procurement providers by establishing new vendor partnerships.


Dollar Tree | Family Dollar Logistics is committed to providing exceptional service to our stores through continual improvements in operating costs, quality, and safety. We work closely with our vendors, carriers, and transportation associates to achieve an extremely cost-efficient supply chain.

Real Estate Partners

We understand that the location of each one of our stores is vital to our success. That's why we team up with local real estate experts to secure the best possible locations for new stores. As a real estate expert and partner, you are also vital to the success of our business.

Get Paid Your Way with Our Early Payment Program

Our vendors and suppliers can participate in our Early Payment Program which accelerates cash flow, reduces Days Sales Outstanding, and allows you to have complete user control to turn off the early payment offer whenever you want. There are two available programs:

  • Standing Early Payment Term that offers an "always on" prorated discount.
  • Dynamic Early Payment Term that allows you to select which invoices will have an early payment discount applied.
Explore Our Early Payment Program

Vendor Partner Resources

Visit our vendor and supplier resources to view our policies, guidelines, and requirements for doing business with Dollar Tree, Inc., such as our Code of Vendor Conduct, Merchandising Gift & Entertainment Policy, Purchase Order Requirements, and more.