Merchandise Vendors

Since day one, our success has always been a reflection of the company we keep. When it comes to offering our customers quality, extreme value, and variety, we believe in the strength of working with our vendors as partners to grow our respective businesses.

Our Merchandise Vendors Aren't Just Vendors... They're Partners

We believe that if you treat your vendor partners fairly and honestly, they will treat you the same way. In addition to our focus on ethical business practices, we strive to maintain a trustworthy and honest relationship with our vendors. Our Code of Ethics (PDF, 485K) outlines our expectations from both Dollar Tree, Inc. associates and our vendor community. We strongly abide by these codes and continue to build mutually rewarding relationships with both new and existing vendors.

Our Merchandise Mission

Our Dollar Tree and Family Dollar Merchandise Mission is to deliver quality products our customers need at an extreme value. To achieve that mission, our Merchandise departments focus on three major aspects of purchasing:

Finding the Right Product

Our team is continuously looking for new and innovative products that spark a fun customer shopping experience. We constantly reinvent our assortment to exceed our customers' expectations. We also build assortments that include products that meet the needs of all our customers and connect with them in a more personal way, which often includes seeking out partnerships with diverse suppliers.

Delivering Extreme Quality

We take product quality very seriously and maintain high standards. Our goal is to enhance the "WOW!" factor in every product we sell.

Getting the Right Price

With stores in all 48 contiguous states and 5 Canadian provinces, and millions of customers shopping with us daily, our vendors are empowered to offer us extreme value, high quality items at low prices. Our Merchant teams determine the product assortment based on items that fit our customers' needs and our margin requirements.

Product Categories

Our company continues to grow while staying true to our shared mission of providing customers with fantastic value. Below is a brief description of our current product categories by brand. We encourage all vendors and potential vendors to visit their local Dollar Tree and Family Dollar stores and see what can be accomplished in terms of merchandising with extreme value.

Dollar Tree is known for its “thrill-of-the-hunt” shopping experience where customers discover new celebratory and seasonal items every week. We offer merchandise in the following categories:

HHP/HBC Division

Household Disposables, Household Consumables, Beauty & Eyewear, Health Care, Personal Care

Variety Division

Party Celebrations, Household Products, Kitchenware, Textiles, Home Décor, Books, Apparel, Stationery, Craft Supplies

Seasonal Division

Toys, Lawn & Garden, Hardware, Floral, Electronics, Seasonal, Holidays

Basic Division

Food, Snacks, Candy, Beverages, Pet Supplies

Closeouts & Opportunity Buys

All Categories

Our Family Dollar stores provide customers with a quality, high-value assortment of basic necessities and seasonal merchandise. We offer competitively-priced national brands from leading manufacturers alongside equivalent-value, lower-priced private labels:

Consumable Merchandise

Food and Beverage, Pet Food and Supplies, Paper Products,
Health and Beauty Aids, Household Chemicals

Home Products

Housewares, Giftware, Bed Linens, Home Decor

Apparel & Accessories

Clothing, Fashion Accessories, Footwear

Seasonal & General Merchandise

Toys, Holiday, Party Supplies, Personal Electronics (Prepaid Cellphones and Services), Hardware and Automotive Supplies

Become a Vendor Partner

The success of our organization is a reflection of the company we keep, which is why we believe in working with vendors as partners. Our Merchandise Team promotes an open door policy. and we are continually seeking new and different products. Our goal is to maintain trustworthy and honest relationships with our vendors, while continuing to offer our customers quality products, extreme value, and variety.

Vendor Communications Center

As partners, Dollar Tree and Family Dollar are always looking for ways to streamline our business transactions. We now offer four exciting options to vendors to improve the flow of financial information and remove both time and expense from the financial supply chain.

Vendor Portal

Use our Vendor Portal with convenient 24/7 online access to check the status of invoices and payments, key in invoices for payment, and more! Email us at for additional information about our Vendor Portal. Inquires will be answered within one business day.

Get Paid Early with Our Early Payment Program

Our vendors and suppliers can participate in our Early Payment Program which accelerates cash flow, reduces Days Sales Outstanding, and allows you to have complete user control to turn off the early payment offer whenever you want. There are two available programs:

  • Standing Early Payment Term that offers an "always on" prorated discount.
  • Dynamic Early Payment Term that allows you to select which invoices will have an early payment discount applied.

Electronic Payments

No more paper checks! Dollar Tree, Inc. prefers to pay vendors electronically. To pay electronically, please print, sign, and return the ACH Form below.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

All merchandise vendors are required to receive purchase orders and transmit invoices electronically. In order to satisfy this requirement, you can use our Vendor Portal, or you can transmit documents electronically using EDI.

You will need to perform an EDI testing process with our onboarding partner (SPS Commerce) to validate the format of the documents that will be passed between you and Dollar Tree/Family Dollar.

Note: You are not required to select SPS Commerce for your EDI tool or to serve as your VAN. If you have an existing EDI product/vendor, you can continue to use them to communicate with Dollar Tree/Family Dollar.

Visit the SPS website to learn more:

SPS Commerce

You can also reach an SPS representative at (866) 245-8100 or email them at:

Vendor Partner Resources

Visit our vendor resources to view our policies, guidelines, and requirements for doing business with Dollar Tree, Inc., such as our Code of Vendor Conduct, Merchandising Gift & Entertainment Policy, Purchase Order Requirements, and more.