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Welcome to the Dollar Tree | Family Dollar Ariba Training Center where you will find information and training materials about the Ariba Network (AN). The AN allows you to electronically transact business with us. The information below will help you configure your Ariba Network account and manage transactions with Dollar Tree | Family Dollar.

Note: Merchandise vendors provide Dollar Tree products for resale. Non-merchandise vendors provide all other direct items like supplies, equipment, etc.

Ready and Trained with Ariba?

If you have already trained to use the Ariba Network, log in to access your account. If you need extra help, log in to your account and click "Help." You can also visit Ariba Supplier Training for additional videos and supplier demonstrations to help you navigate the Ariba Network.

Downloadable Ariba Training Documents

Below you will find downloadable Ariba training documents that are sure to answer any question you might have.

Dollar Tree, Inc. Information Session

This is a presentation to learn more about the Dollar Tree, Inc. Ariba initiative.

Dollar Tree, Inc. Account Management Guide

Learn how to configure important settings on your account.

Dollar Tree, Inc. Purchase Order Management Guide

Learn how to handle purchase orders, order confirmations, and ship notices through the Ariba Network.

Dollar Tree, Inc. Invoice Guide

Learn how to create invoices and credit memos through the Ariba Network.

Catalog Suppliers

The following catalog information is applicable for suppliers that are requested to provide catalog content to Dollar Tree, Inc.

Dollar Tree, Inc. Catalog Training Guide

Learn how to create and publish catalogs.

CIF Template

Create your catalog content in a few easy steps.

Required Lists

Dollar Tree, Inc. requires that you adhere to the following lists while creating catalogs to ensure validation:

Approved Commodity Code List

Approved UOM List

Electronic Enablement Materials

Is your organization capable of integrating with the Ariba Network via cXML or EDI technologies? If so, please download the relevant documents necessary for your electronic enablement needs.

Dollar Tree, Inc. Electronic Enablement Program Overview

The following are guidelines for purchase order and invoice transactions:

Guidelines for Purchase Order and Invoice Transactions

Dollar Tree, Inc. cXML Specifications

Dollar Tree, Inc. EDI Specifications

Need Additional
Ariba Support?

If you are a supplier already registered on the Network:

  • Log in to your Ariba account.
  • Click on the “Help” link at the top.
  • Select “Contact Support” and fill out a Customer Support ticket.
  • Click “Submit.”

Ariba Support by Telephone

  • USA: 800-974-4899

Support by Email

For business-related Dollar Tree or Family Dollar issues (Ariba program initiative, invoicing, payment, etc.) please send an email to: