A New Chapter in the Dollar Tree Value Story: More Choices and First Customer App

For decades Dollar Tree has been your source for remarkable variety at an incredible value. In select stores and expanding over time, we’re pleased to begin offering a new world of variety – with new items, more choices and great value.

While the vast majority of our products continue to be priced at $1.25 or less, the expanded assortment will offer a wider range of choices and high-quality brands while remaining the preferred destination for those seeking convenience, extreme value and unexpected treasures. The thrill of the hunt at Dollar Tree is expanding with even more choices in products like food, snacks, pet care, beverages, healthcare, personal care, home improvement, lawn and garden, hardware and tools, home décor, and more.

Early feedback from our customers? They love discovering new treasures in store alongside their long-time favorites at the value they expect. More to love: our new Dollar Tree app that recently launched has price check functionality to explore the new world of variety and value. You can also see what’s new in store, browse and add products to your favorites list, view the weekly ad, get notified on wow deals and locate stores.

Shop More Choices in select stores and download the Dollar Tree app today!