Family Dollar Vendor Guide

Family Dollar Vendor Guide

The guide provides documented standards and expectations to our vendors to ensure product is delivered efficiently and on time to our stores and customers. The guide is broken into sections, separated by department/area, and listed in order of expected execution. Each section explains Family Dollar’s requirements and standards in significant detail. When notable requirements or standards are not met (non-compliance), efficiencies and sales will be impacted, and penalties may apply. For those penalties, the fees will be outlined in the Appendix, and a point of contact will be listed for inquiries. The requirements and standards outlined in this guide apply to all Family Dollar Vendors, Shippers, Consignees, Transportation Department, and Distribution Centers.

Part 1: Purchase Order & On-Time/In-Full (OTIF) Program

(PDF, 222 KB)

Merchant/Buyer Purchase Commitment:

  • Components of a Purchase Order commitment including dates, and order quantities
  • On-Time/In-Full Program measuring success of the purchase commitment

Part 2: Product & Packaging: Freshness

(PDF, 146 KB)

Merchant/Buyer Dated Product Timeliness:

  • Family Dollar Freshness Policy is the Expiration to the Guaranteed Shelf Life (GSL) of an item

Part 3: Product & Packaging: Private Brands

(PDF, 178 KB)

 Merchant/Buyer Product Life Cycle:

  • Packaging guidelines for discontinued merchandise and old packaging

Part 4: Product & Packaging: Carton Marking Requirements

(PDF, 4.01 MB)

Merchant/Buyer Marking & Packaging:

  • Labels and printed ink that adhere to our Import and Domestic processing needs

Part 5: Product & Packaging: Carton and Display Packaging Requirements

(PDF, 7.08 MB)

Merchant/Buyer Marking & Packaging:

  • Packaging requirements to protect product through the distribution and store cycles to customers with minimal damage

Part 6: Import Guidelines: Greenbrier

(PDF, 733 KB)

Merchant/Buyer and Direct Import Suppliers:

  • Import guidelines for routing, shipping, and packaging instructions

Part 7: Quality & Regulatory Compliance

(PDF, 528 KB)

Merchant/Buyer and Suppliers Process:

  • Practices that ensure ethical quality of merchandise and manufacturing
  • Procedures that outline all applicable laws, regulations, and corporate standards are met for all products

Part 8: Distribution Center Requirements

(PDF, 596 KB)

Distribution Process:

  • Packing and pallet requirements needed to process product through our Distribution Centers in an efficient manner to our stores and customers

Part 9: Transportation Guidelines

(PDF, 178 KB)

Transportation Process:

  • Notification of product ready for delivery
  • Collect and Prepaid Freight Term appointment/pickup rules and instructions
  • Shipment Blocking and Bracing
  • Shipment paperwork to be accompanied with the product (i.e. Bill of Lading)
  • Direct Store Delivery (DSD) Shipments

Part 10: Ariba Network Vendor Portal

(PDF, 171 KB)

Ariba Network Vendor Portal:

  • Review processed invoices and payments
  • Merchandise vendors will not be charged to join the network

Appendix A: Chargeback Policy

(PDF, 204 KB)

Vendor Compliance Fees:

  • Table of penalties and related fees for quality and services not met (if applicable)
  • Contact information for any inquiries

Appendix B: Chargeback Import Supplier Performance Management Program

(PDF, 148 KB)

Import Supplier Fees:

  • Table of performance measures and related fees for services not met (if applicable)

Appendix C: DC Locations and Hours of Operation

(PDF, 170 KB)

Location & Contact Information:

  • Family Dollar DC locations and hours of operation