Improving Our Impact with Sustainable Choices

Climate change continues to be a pressing concern for the planet - that's why Dollar Tree, Inc. makes Environmental Stewardship a priority with every decision we make. Recently, we've set our first-generation climate goals, implemented an Environmental Policy, and committed to energy efficiency in all new stores to address our impact on the planet we share.

Featured Report and Policy

Environmental impact remains a top priority for our organization. Each year, we release a Corporate Sustainability Report to detail our efforts in becoming a more sustainable company. In 2020, we also released our Environmental Policy to demonstrate our commitment to reducing our environmental impact.

We are Environmental Stewards

We understand that our business depends on limited natural resources and as such, will impact the environment in various ways, including through the energy we use, the water we consume, and the waste we generate. We are committed to finding ways to reduce the toll we have on the environment, from our store operations to the products we sell and our supply chain.

Measuring and Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

In 2020, we conducted a comprehensive greenhouse gas emissions inventory to establish a baseline emissions to reduce. We found that nearly 80% of our emissions are Scope 3 emissions, caused by the emissions required to produce the goods we sell, associated with the transport of our goods to the distributions centers and stores, and associated with our business travel. We've implemented a number of programs to reduce these emissions.

Internal Initiatives

We're focusing on reducing the emissions our transportation causes. In 2020 and 2021, we began using transportation optimization software, a backhaul miles program, and participated in the EPA's SmartWay Shipper Performance Program.

Engaging Suppliers

We understand that a large portion of our emissions come from producing the products we sell. In 2021, we engaged with our top suppliers on their carbon strategies surrounding their greenhouse gas goals and renewable energy targets.

Making a Difference Store-by-Store

Starting in 2022, all new stores will be built according to the Dollar Tree In-Store Energy Efficiency Standard. While we are working to retrofit our existing stores with upgraded LED lighting and HVAC replacements, all new stores will have:

  • LED lighting
  • For new roofs or roof replacements, stores will have a cool roof system
  • Low emissivity glass
  • Low energy hand dryers
  • New or replacement building insulation will meet or exceed the required International Energy Conservation Code
    • Motion detected occupancy sensors in restrooms
    • Energy management systems
    • A cardboard baler or cardboard recycling container
    • High-efficiency HVAC units
    • A non-electric drinking fountain when a new or replacement fountain is required

    Leadership Dedicated to Change

    Our Board of Directors recognizes the importance that sustainability has on our business and to our shareholders. In alignment with that importance, our Nominating, Governance, and Sustainability Committee continues to address the risks climate change poses to our operations and implements policies to make us a more sustainable organization.

    Reducing Environmental Impact Remains Our Priority

    Our organization is committed to reducing the impact our business has on the environment at every level - from the lighting in our stores to our global supply chain. For more information about our current environmental stewardship initiatives, view our Environmental Stewardship page.

    View Our Environmental Efforts

    Our Additional Environmental Policies

    In addition to our Environmental Policy, Dollar Tree, Inc. has enacted many policies in alignment with our environmental initiatives. These policies help to ensure our products are always sustainably sourced.