Diverse, Experienced Leadership Guides Dollar Tree, Inc.

Dollar Tree, Inc. is led by a diverse Board of Directors with a wide array of professional skills and experience. Our Board members' skills span from consumer/retail industry experience to strategic planning and risk management, and much more. The Board believes their skills cover the areas most important to sustaining our success.

Keeping Up with Changing Digital Landscapes

Our leadership recognizes the growing importance of cybersecurity and data privacy in our business and to our stakeholders. Our Audit Committee and Chief Information Security Officer continue to implement policies and independent review systems to ensure Dollar Tree, Inc. meet or exceed industry standards for information privacy and security.

  • We have an annual PCI-DSS assessment conducted by certified PCI-DSS Internal Security Assessors (ISAs).
  • We conduct a biennial external review of our certificate management practices and overall cryptographic infrastructure.
  • We continuously self-assess against our internal policies and procedures, and measure against a variety of generally accepted frameworks.

Meet Our Board of Directors

The Dollar Tree, Inc. Board of Directors is comprised of highly skilled and experienced members. Our Board is made up of diverse members, reflecting diversity across geography, gender, age, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, national origin, and life experience.

Board Experience

Our Board members have deep, relevant experience in:

  • Consumer/Retail Industry
  • Marketing/Advertising/Brand-Building
  • E-Commerce/Omni-channel
  • Information Technology/Cybersecurity
  • Operations
  • Human Resources
  • Strategic Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Global Sourcing/Supply Chain
  • Public Board Experience

Board Tenure

Average Tenure

2.9 years

Board Tenure

33% Gender Diversity

17% Ethnic Diversity

Our Board Committees

Our Board of Directors currently has three committees: the Audit Committee, the Compensation Committee, and the Nominating, Governance, and Sustainability (NGS) Committee. Each committee is actively involved in overseeing enterprise risk without its area of responsibility.

NGS Committee

Our NGS Committee is primarily responsible for evaluating the company's sustainability and Environmental, Social, Governance risks.

Compensation Committee

Our Compensation Committee is primarily responsible for monitoring risks surrounding our compensations policies and practices.

Audit Committee

Our Audit Committee is primarily responsible for assessment of the various financial and enterprise risks related to our business.

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Our Governance Policies

Our Dollar Tree, Inc. leadership team is guided in our decisions by our governance policies.